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What's your Story? In today's world of social media and fast trends, how do you distinguish yourself and your brand? We want to tell YOUR story so that it captivates people. Whether it's an established business looking to reach a wider audience or a music video for an up-and-coming band, IGM provides high quality video production to optimize your social media outreach and set yourself apart from the competition.  


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#GVT60: The Graffiti Village Tour


The first “Graffiti Village Tour” was launched in Spring of 2016 and was the first major project for IGM. With a focus on ecology and community, spanning three countries, 10 states, and several reservations and national parks, #GVT60 gives you a glimpse into the journey.


SOLTERRA: “Rap for Solar Competition”

After returning from the Graffiti Village Tour, the IGM team came in a close second place in SOLTERRA’s “Rap for Solar” competition. Check out our submission, “Sunshine”.


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Each member of IGM has a unique voice and brand of their own, working together to help tell your story in the most captivating and innovative ways that stand out. Meet our Production Team.


Aaron Jacob -



Once coined the "swiss-army knife of production", Aaron Jacob is a highly creative individual who has collaborated on many local and international projects. He holds a strong background in audio and visual production on both scripted and live stages.  Jacob's entry into the entertainment world originated from the development of his musical identity, dj.kuhnex, in 2005.

Aaron uses his incredible technical skill and natural eye  to bring your story full circle in the most visually impressive way imagineable. 

Jamil Suleman - Storyteller

Jamil Suleman is a rapper, performer, and film maker from Seattle, WA, and the Co-Founder of Indie Genius Media. Part of the brains behind the Graffiti Village Tour, Jamil uses his creative, funny and entertaining storytelling ability to uplift people and inspire positive change.

Using his ability to see multiple narratives at once, Jamil will be bringing out the most important aspects of your story and brand.

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Asher Underwood - Brand Marketing 

Asher Underwood is an LA/Texas based producer for Bigger Picture Productions and KingLife Family. His work for Sony/ Columbia has been featured on MTV, BET, XXL, AllHipHop.comand other media outlets, including his work on a major feature film / theatrical release with Lions Gate. Asher's role on the team is to help facilitate project development, brand representation, and deal broker.

Leveraging established  connections and know-how, Asher will be helping you spread the word once we've captured an incredible story that looks amazing. 

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